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Our market research can help you in lots of ways:

  • Our domestic and international company lists can help you find new suppliers
  • Credit checks and company reports can help you assess potential suppliers
  • Domestic and international market research can help you to validate target markets, uncover opportunities or keep abreast of trends
  • Demographic data, such as population, health, education and employment for your chosen area, can help you learn more about your local customer base

Tell us why you need our help. For example:

To assess market opportunity size? To better understand your competitors? To find a new supplier or partner? To develop a marketing strategy? To identify new routes to market? To assess the credit worthiness of a potential supplier or partner? To support an application for funding? To assist with COVID-19-related recovery planning?

What do we need from you? The more detail the better:

  • Geographies and sectors of interest really help guide our work when researching companies and markets
  • For domestic markets, postcodes and local authority details are extremely helpful for us
  • For company searches, being specific about the industries or business activities helps narrow down results that are more meaningful to you
  • Specifying business size (for example, micro, small, medium, large) can help really laser focus on a particular set of companies
  • We use the Office for National Statistics (ONS) industry codes to search, so it’s a real help to include the relevant codes (to a 4 digit level) from here if you can
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